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James Steele Seeley

Here is a comprehensive insight into my professional prowess,
ready to tackle the challenges of next-generation technology and design.

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Dynamic Software Engineer & Creative Design Expert

Delivering innovative solutions at the nexus of software and hardware, I excel in crafting compelling user experiences across a spectrum of digital platforms. My expertise encompasses not only the technical intricacies of cross-platform development but also the creative finesse of graphic design.

Leadership & Collaboration

  • Spearheaded diverse development teams, fostering a culture of mentorship and collective growth.
  • Championed the delivery of complex projects, leveraging both proprietary and industry-leading engines such as Unreal.

Technical Acumen & Analytical Prowess

  • Proficient in robust programming disciplines and complex three-dimensional mathematics, ensuring precision and efficiency in software creation.
  • Adept in managing robust version control systems including Git and SVN, ensuring seamless workflow and integration.

Operational Excellence & Innovation

  • Strategically implemented issue tracking and ticketing systems to optimize operational efficiency.
  • Versatile in full stack web development, with a keen eye for user-centric design, driving enhanced user engagement.

Core Competencies

  • IT Project and Program Management: Agile methodologies and lifecycle management for peak operational efficiency.
  • Engine Mastery: Profound knowledge of Unreal Engine and Unity3D, with a portfolio of visually stunning and technically sophisticated projects.
  • Coding Expertise: Fluent in C and C++, with a track record of developing high-performance, scalable code.
  • System Administration: Ensuring reliable and secure server operations across various operating environments.
  • Web Development: Architecting end-to-end web solutions that deliver both form and function.
  • Version Control: Mastery over Subversion Control Systems, including Git and SVN, to maintain code integrity and support team collaboration.
  • User Experience: Designing intuitive interfaces that resonate with users and drive engagement.
  • Graphic Design: Blending artistry with functionality to create impactful visual designs.

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